Company RAT-TEL Ltd. produces and provides an entire service for rescue cable communication systems.

Our team joins highly qualified and experienced specialists who have worked in the branch for many years.

Company products:

• Base telephones STAR-1 and STAR -1T

• Rescueman telephones QUAK-2, QUAK- 2T, QUAK-5 and QUAK-5T

• Cable reels 300M

• Cable boxes 300M

Base telephones STAR 1 and 1T are provided for communications between rescue base and rescue team.

Base telephone is designed for optimum quality of calls with rescueman, telephones QUAK 5 and 5T.Tem-

perature and humidity measurements at the distance of 5 kilometers are also possible.

Base telephone STAR-1 provides atmospheric pressure measurements as well.

Cable reels and boxes are designed and made exclusively for RAT-TEL and take into consideration specific

customer needs.

Our products are WE certified by notified unit TEST and their casings are IM1 Ex ia IMa explosion proof.

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